Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hello my name is Aliyah and last week me and Taylah were having a playdate! The thing we first did was GO TO THE BEDROOM!!!! We also had sherbet and went on the trampoline and it was so fun!!! Paige gave me a cake shopkin she gave me a dog backpack and a birthday cake shopkin it was so cool! we kept on going on the trampoline we also went on the computer we went on prodigy. Paige also made me a account it was so fun! I hope we have another one!      💙💜💜💚💛 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hello my name is Aliyah and since it was labor day we got a day off on school! On Sunday or Monday one of those my mum asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with her. I said yes!!! So she gave me clothes to wear and I put them on then rushed to mum she did my hair in a plat. When we were ready we went in the car and drove the mall. When we got there we went into postie and got some new pants for me. They looked very big but it fit me. Then we went in Pack n Save we got some ham and some buns for lunch i think mum called them rolls anyway after that we tried to find birthday swirl icecream! It had cake pieces in it! We had to try four or three stores it was at Countndown. Before that at the last place to leave to find the icecream we went to a little icecream shop to get yummy icecream!!! it was white chocolate yummy..... My mum let me have a waffle cone my mum got my waffle cone to. It was so yummy. After that we found the icecream we finally went home. I had a long day......

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hi im Aliyah and i am going to have a  play date with Summer we are going on my two computers we are going to play Animal Jam and play on our own accounts and we are maybe going to play a mini game on animal jam called spider zapper. It is a single player and multi player game. It gives you more gems then other games with only like five levels and you get one hundred gems! I am a member on animal jam so I can buy everything if i have enough gems. So I can help my friend Summer I hope we have a great time!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hi my name is Aliyah and let me tell you about what I did in the holidays I cant remember what day it was but one day in the holidays I went rollerskating! With my mum and one of my mums friends. It was my mums first try on rollerskating since my mum always watches me and my sister skate she would be probably good at it. Turns out she was! She didn't even fall over once! But I fell over a little bit. they had a mini shop in the place where we were rollerskating so we bought two fizzy drinks cause me and my mum were exhausted from rollerskating so we took a brake and we sipped some of our fizzy drinks and went back in the area where you skate in the place we stayed until it closed my mums friend was so tired we also went to New World or Countdown my mum got me and my sister small chocolate fish and we got a lot more. When we finished my mum and me drove to my mums friends house and after that we drove home I was so tired I went to sleep. It was a busy day.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hi i'm Aliyah and last week I went on holiday! I got to go to Greymouth and have a pie on the way because there was a shop called 4 square I got to have a cheese pie it was so yummy! When I got there me and my mum went to my nana's I forgot to say my mum went with me to. So now lets get back on to what I was saying. When i got there I got my tablet out because i LOVE it when I mean love I go on it all the time and we also had my mums computer with us. I went into the room I got to stay in my mum got to sleep with me in the same bed the bed I slept in was very warm anyway I have to go now bye!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

On Saturday I went Pokemon go hunting Pokemon go is a app where you can catch Pokemon and its very fun you can level up your player customize your player and also some levels when u level up u can unlock     new poke balls and some of the poke balls are poke balls,great balls,ultra balls is all i know so far. I have 5 Pikachus and i sometimes get to catch Pokemon  down by my river near my house and there are some cool fish near it one time there was a Meowth near my house and i caught it! I sometimes go in the night my mum ,dad  and my sis go in the car and search for Pokemon! i have to go now so bye!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today i am going to go to my friend Maia's house! Maia is my best friend and my sister is also going to the doctor i'm sad but while shes at the doctor ill be at my best friends house. Maia  has a little brother called Riley. My friend Maia has lots of Shopkins and she also has a trampoline! I love trampolines. My mum drove me Maia,Riley and my sister to school because Maia and Riley's mums car was not working.